ou to be operated with eight-car rolling stockLine 13 will become the first line in Guangzh,etro transportation system. With 3-meter wide carsmaking it the highest capacity train sets in the m,rs long and have a maximum capacity of 3these type A rolling stock are 186 mete,ters per hour.To fulfill its role as a crosstown express service456 passengers. The line will be able to run at up to 100 kilome,has nine interchange stationsthe second phase of Line 13 ,formation of interchange stations followswith wider stop spacing. The detailed in.

  East-West express lineEnvisioned to be the ,om Yuzhu to ChaoyangLine 13 will run fr,ing Line 3compliment,e will serve some of the most popular areas in Guangzhouwhich serves as a North-South express line. The new lin,wei Bus Terminalsuch as Luochong,own and YuancunZhujiang New T,est and most populated areas of Tianhewhile passing through some of the dens,xiuYue,ond phase of Line 13 is completedand Liwan districts. When the sec,ne is predicted to be 1.44 million passengersthe average daily ridership of this metro li.



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